Enjoy Trout Fishing at Okoroire Hotel

Another wonderful appeal of the Okoroire Hotel is the incredibly easy access to trout fly fishing. Our property intersects with the beautiful Waihou River, which allows for licensed trout fishing. Access to this river of course, is complementary with your stay, which is why Okoroire Hotel has been consistently popular with fly fishing enthusiasts looking for a tranquil getaway.

The Waihou River travels all the way to the Firth of Thames, and is one of New Zealand’s best known fishing rivers. The fish in this river are typically brown trout, and rainbow trout, and it has been surveyed to include over 700 fish per kilometre depending on the section. The Waihou River is known for its incredibly clear water, which makes for great fishing.

Whether you’re fishing or not, a visit to see our section of the Waihou River’s natural beauty is definitely an activity to add to your list while enjoying your stay.

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